About TOFF

Founded in 2021 by surface pattern designer Nicola MacArthur, TOFF started its journey after more than a decade of supplying the interior/textile industries with spiffingly good designs. This splendid designer decided to take the leap and offer up her daringly fabulous patterns to the public after seeing her absolutely fabulous patterns on the BBC's Interior Design Masters 2021...did we mention that these fabrics were in the winning designs of the season?!

Today, the brand established in The Cotswolds, UK, offers a wide variety of premium home furnishings including some glorious wall murals, wallpapers that ‘tell their own story’ to luxurious fabrics worthy of a stately home! Being a proudly British brand, TOFF manufactures all of its products in the UK. The origins of the brand began in The Cotswolds (an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) so it is safe to say that the brand's heritage has placed a huge emphasis on also being eco-conscious.

TOFF Walls got its name from the English term being “toffed up” (smartlydressed) because that’s exactly what the TOFF offers for your home! It’s truly irrelevant if you stay in a studio apartment or a stately home because our homes are our castles...so why not decorate them accordingly?!

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Toodles darlings!