Sample Buyback

How To Get A Full Refund On Your Sample (Conditions Apply)

Once you have procured a roll of our wallpaper after having purchased a sample, TOFF will automatically refund the full price of the sample, whether it is Classic, Self-Adhesive or Signature (not including the orignal delivery price).

Let's say for example, you have a penchant for parrots, and decide to try a sample of TOFF's Pandamonium wallpaper. When the sample arrives you fall in love, and you decide to purchase a 10 metre roll. Because you had bought the sample beforehand, you would be eligible for a full refund on that sample, which would be automatically refunded by TOFF within 10 working days. This applies to the £8 Classic samples, as well as the £10 Self-Adhesive and Signature samples.

We are confident that you will become enamoured with our wallpaper, and we understand you may want to see a sample in your home before you make the final decision.

The full refund applies once you have purchased a 5 or 10 metre roll of wallpaper.